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Knowing which is the best gynecomastia treatment is an impossible task, especially since choosing the wrong one can impact your overall health and well-being. That's where we, the experts come in.

At we’ve reviewed the best gynecomastia treatment products around and you’ll be shocked to find that we’ve only found two that actually work and do consist of natural ingredients. When you’re faced with challenges such as gynecomastia you don’t want to have to worry about which product is the best and safest one to use, which is why we’ve reviewed the top products for you.

We’ve tested the top gynecomastia creams and pills on the market so you can make a decision on which one to use.

We’ve ranked them towards the ingredients they contain, previous customer satisfaction and whether they actually work and are fully efficient. All you have to do is read our reviews and once you’ve made the easy choice, just click to buy and you’ll be taken directly to the manufacturers website where you can securely make your order for the product best suited to you. You may also find us on Google+.

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We look at:

  • Gynecomastia Treatment Power
  • Ingredient Quality
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  • Long-Term Results
  • Customer service
  • Customer Satisfaction

Gynecomastia Treatment Comparison Chart:

Below is a comprehensive comparison chart detailing all the important information you need to know before choosing a product.

Reviews for Gynecomastia Gynexin Reviews Gynexin Reviews Gynexol Reviews Gynexol Reviews Gynexerol Reviews Gynexerol Reviews



# 1 Editors Choice

# 2 Second Choice

# 3 Third Choice

Overall Rating: 9.7 / 10 9 / 10 7.7 / 10
Function: + Number 1 Best Seller
+ Natural do-it-at-home Therapy
+ 100% Safe
+ Money Back Guarantee
+ Speed of Results
+ Natural ingredients
Scientifically designed to remove gynecomastia and provide comfort to restore self-esteem Gynexerol renders outstanding long-term results without the need of any intrusive surgery.
Medical Backings: The product is made from all natural ingredients which are approved by the FDA. The entire ingredients in Gynexol are extracted from nature and thus are side effect free. Composed of natural ingredients with no known side-effects.
Reported Side Effects: No reported side effects as of yet. No reported side effects as of yet. No reported side effects as of yet.
Long Term Benefits: 9.7 / 10 – Excellent! 9.0 / 10 8.0 / 10
Prescription: No, over the counter. No, over the counter. No, over the counter.
Customer Reviews: 5ratingStars 4ratingStars 3ratingStars
Trustworthiness: SSL SSL SSL
Price: $69.95
Best Price Guaranteed
$79.95 $69.95
Full Review: Gynexin Reviews Gynexol Reviews Gynexerol Reviews
Official Website: Visit Gynexin Website Visit Gynexol Website NOT in our Top 2!

BEWARE: There are many Gynecomastia Treatments out there that simply don’t work! These products give bogus claims and people usually end up wasting their time and money on ineffective products. Here at we ensure claims are clinically proven and that the product will actually work for you!

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Top 3 Gynecomastia Treatments

We’ve had experts come in and review the top gynecomastia creams and pills on the market and have made a detailed comparison for you to make an informed decision. Please read below to find out which gynecomastia treatment products were ranked in our top 3 by experts.

# 1 Gynexin

Gynexin is a great solution for men that are fighting with Gynecomastia due to the fact that it contains 100% natural herbs and is the #1 best seller credited by thousands of experts. The blend works quickly to get rid of male breast tissue and restore the male breast size back to normal.

The results with Gynexin are usually noticed within only 2-3 weeks making it the most effective product for removing Gynecomastia.

Read our staff review of Gynexin

# 2 Gynexol

Gynexol was created by a group of health care experts and scientists who used completely natural substances and ingredients to create a cream that combats Gynecomastia.

The blend of ingredients work highly effectively together to reduce male breast size and get rid of Gynecomastia in almost all cases, even the severe levels of Gynecomastia. It's a product that has been used by many men with success and boasts a good reputation.

Read our staff review of Gynexol

# 3 Gynexerol

Gynexerol is a Gynecomastia treatment product that has no side-effects and has been used by many men that have been fighting the issue of Gynecomastia with some success.

Although not as powerful as Gynexin and Gynexerol it is also a great product on the market which has helped many men reduce their male breast tissue size.

Read our staff review of Gynexerol Now

More About Gynecomastia and Treatments Available

If Gynecomastia is new to you and you have only just found out about it, read the below information from our experts and also find out the treatment options available to you. Help is always available, feel free to contact us for anything.

Introduction and background

You might not have heard of this name but surely you have seen this condition somewhere. Gynecomastia is the condition of enlarged breasts in a man, in harsher words; a man who has boobs. Men generally have a flat chest and their breasts are not at all large or protruding. In Gynecomastia, they are. About a one third of the population of male have Gynecomastia. It has become even more common than before. Boys can have it during puberty and it can even develop if the male is having an excess of fat. Nonetheless, even newborns can have it! Those suffering from this disease have swollen and rounded breasts which can even be painful sometimes if it develops into breast cancer!

What actually happens in gynecomastia?

In gynecomastia, there is fat deposited around the breast region of a male which gives the appearance of having proper protruding boobs which are normally seen in females only. They actually give the appearance of having breasts and are normally disliked by the average eye. Seeing breasts in a male would obviously be weird and having Gynecomastia has become a source of depression and embarrassment for most teenage boys. The adult males handle the situation better and look for resources or any kind of medication to treat this process. They can even afford to have surgery to get rid of their problem.

What causes gynecomastia?

There are quite a few reasons behind a male developing Gynecomastia. It can arise in all sorts of ages and reasons behind them all are very different. For instance, Gynecomastia in an infant usually is a congenital abnormality and has to do with Klinefelter’s Syndrome which is again a congenital disease. Other causes of Gynecomastia include:

Hormonal Causes – Gynecomastia can also occur because of hormonal imbalance in a man. If, for instance, there is a lot of production of estrogen in a male then chances are high that they will suffer from this disease. Estrogen is a hormone which is normally present in elevated levels in women, just as testosterone is present in high levels in a male.

Side Effect Of Medication – This is also a leading cause of males developing breasts. There are many medicines which give Gynecomastia as a side effect to their usage. There are medicines such as resperidone and even verapamil.

Aging – This is also a common cause of Gynecomastia. We often see that elderly people develop enlarged breasts. Their skin sags and deposits of their fats start to occur around the upper part of their torso. When a man starts to age, after fifty years as an estimate, his testosterone levels begin to fall. When the testosterone level falls, their effect is seen on the breasts of the man.

Obesity – Obese people generally have enlarged breasts. The chances that they will have Gynecomastia becomes more and more as they eat a lot of fat and chances are that the fat is being deposited heavily around their breast region, finally giving them the shape and appearance of having boobs.

Kidney Or Liver Failure And Damage – The people who experience liver or kidney problems again have an imbalance of testosterone. This is probably the third time this hormone has come up in one of the causes. The imbalance of testosterone plays an important role in causing Gynecomastia.

In Newborns – This can happen in newborns because of some developmental factor before birth in the baby boy or due to some other reason. Mostly it happens because estrogen levels in the baby are high.

There is nothing to worry about though. Gynecomastia can be treated very easily. There are very few who take the treatment process seriously and do something about it. Most of the men are afraid to even admit that they have some sort of problem even though their breasts are quite evident to the entire public through their shirts. Nonetheless, it takes courage to go and get something to fix this problem as it might hurt the male ego. However, here are a few treatment processes:

  • Surgery
    This is one of the treatment processes that most would like to do. It is relatively easier on the mind and ego to go to a doctor rather than deal with the problem yourself. But surgery is not the best option. Why spend so much money and cut yourself up when there are other options on the table?
  • Modulators
    These are substances which can regulate the hormonal level in the body. As you’ve read, it is mostly the hormone which can cause trouble in the breast region of a man. Modulators can helps normalize levels to normal so that no problem arises any further.
  • Herbal Supplements
    These are pills or supplements that can cure Gynecomastia. They are to be taken as instructed along with about eight ounces of water. They work to reduce the fat around the breasts so that a male can have a flat torso. Fortunately, with the scientific advancements in the field of herbal science, there are quite a few good herbal supplements or naturopathic options that could treat, control and even cure gynecomastia safely, economically and quickly.


Not to change your mind or anything if it is already made up but going with the herbal supplements is probably the best and the safest option that you’ve got. They do not have any side effects, they do not leave you with any unnecessary scars and herbal supplements can be taken as pills as well as in the cream form to apply topically. What’s more, their success rate is actually great!

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